Green River Marathon 2012 - Photos 

Pictures will be posted here after the race - check back often as they will be added as they come in.


2012 pictures - send me yours and I will post them.

2012 Photos by Steve Hamling of Early Start

2012 Photos by Steve Hamling of 8:30 Start and 10.4 mile aid station

2012 Photos by Takao Suzuki around mile 10.4 and more

2012 Photos by Dave Edgeworth of 8:30 Start and 16.0 mile aid station and finish area

 Enjoy last years for now - or not.

2011 Photos by Robcat Keller (

2011 Photos by Takao Suzuki (1/2)

2011 Photos by Takao Suzuki (2/2)

2011 Photos by Michael Hsu

2007 - 2011 Photos by Robcat Keller (

Many thanks to our photographers

Last updated 06/07/2012

Green River Marathon and all volunteers are not responsible for any injuries or deaths. The Green River Marathon is a free run; the aid is free, the run is free, shirts are sold at cost, there are no bib numbers, there are no awards, and no one is paid. This is a low key run amongst friends. If you require special assistance or are unsure of your abilities please think twice about running 26.2 miles, unless you take necessary precautions. You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you begin any exercise program or running in any marathons. It is not our intent for anyone to get hurt while running the Green River Marathon.