Marathon Results

1. Gregg Walchli 3:17:04

2. David Spooner 3:24:10

3. Mitch Parker 3:32:35

4. Merita T. Pollard 3:41:47

5. Evan Pierce 3:41:50

6. Terry Byrnes 3:42:36

7. Kent Sizer 3:43:03

8. Iliana Avila 3:45:37

9. Eric Sach 3:45:39

10. PEDRO INFANTE 3:46:50

11. Jennifer Block 3:47:24

12. Steve Barrick 3:47:24

13. Mark Looi 3:48:03

14. Mark Cook 3:51:14

15. Phil "Uncle Philly" Kris 3:52:56

16. Tim Abel 3:57:38

17. Steve Ellis 4:00:00

18. Tom Stoltz 4:04:00

19. Ronald Frederick 4:05:34

20. Eric Bean 4:08:35

21. Gene Morris 4:10:36

22. Jim Anderson 4:11:38

23. Jessica Mullen 4:14:40

24. Bret Henry 4:19:12

25. Jeff Venable 4:19:48

26. Matt Manning 4:19:48

27. Amy Mathis 4:21:17

28. Christie Hayes 4:22:58

29. Hope Fox 4:22:58

30. Mark King 4:22:58

31. Jay Grubb 4:23:09

32. James Ibabao 4:32:45

33. Margaret Gorog 4:43:33

34. Jim Boyd 4:49:58

35. Jill Hudson 4:54:20

36. Catherine "Cat" Schwartz 4:56:33

37. Robert Hester 4:56:33

38. Monte Pascual 5:02:34

39. James Goetschius 5:02:59

40. Brian Starkey 5:12:57

41. Lori Morgan 5:12:59

42. Steve Stoyles 5:14:10

43. Valentine-John Ridao 5:19:58

44. Audrey McMillan-Cole 5:21:28

45. Leslie Miller 5:24:59

46. Thomas Rogers 5:31:41

47. Barefoot Jon 5:34:26

48. Jim Moffit 5:44:50

49. Raymond Shaw 5:54:42

50. Jane Herzog 5:54:49

51. Diana Scheel 6:06:00

52. Bob Dolphin 6:16:00

Relay Results

1. Hatcher Harriers 3:17:31
Darrin Hatcher
Mary Hatcher

2. Bombers 3:24:27
Beth Miyamoto
Dylan Lastname?
Norm Constan
Al Sather
Kenny Miyamoto

3. MMA Moonlighters 3:31:28
Steve Rowe
Kent Sizer
Eric Badeau

4. Highline High School Allstars 3:31:40
Jacque Decker
Rex Post
Ken Kemp
Jeff Cimaomo
Rick Figel
Mark Becker

5. Highline High School Scrubs 3:40:22
Dave Stark
Bruno Stolz
Darrin Stolz
Lori Box
Dave Stark
Tracey Stolz
Michelle Stolz

6. Luke Brothers 3:41:16
Marvin Luke
Philip Luke
Edmund Luke
Donald Luke

7. The Dream Team 3:55:51
Kathy Hougardy
Kitty Henry
Leslie White
Lisa Berthon
Louise Strander

8. The Doable Duo 3:59:12
Russ (Big Red Dog) Thurman
Pat (Smelly Cat) Thurman

9. Bernadette And Her Men 4:20:42
Bernadette Savino
Henry Savino
Jason Cardenas
Andrew Cardenas
Michael Cardenas

10. The Menacing Twosome 4:22:55
Rusty (Doggy Boy) Thurmn
Amie (Aimster Crack squirrel) Willner

11. The Professors 4:28:57
Steve Scoles
Sherri Ellis
Paul Reed

12. Team Stixballeur 5:49:15
Becky Lavalleur
Erin Stone
Janine Stone
Faz Deeba
Courtney Stixrud
Manny Lastname?
Janice Abe

Half Marathon Results

1. Olga Walker 2:08:00

2. Betsy Rogers 2:11:00

3. Jacob Medlang ?1:50:00?

4. Lisa Blauvelt 1:53:23

5. Tami Connolley 1:53:23

6. Erin McIntyre ?1:50:00?

7. Stephanie Key ?1:50:00?

Five to Ten Miler +/- Results

1. Jason Bond ?1:00:00?

2. Genie "Tiptoes" Kacey ?1:00:00?

3. Mel Preedy ?1:00:00?


The following did an outstanding job and really deserve the highest praise. These people make the Green River Marathon what it is today.
Volunteers: Eileen Hamling, Steve Hamling, Steve Rowe, Eric Badeau, Eric Sach, Jeremy McClever, Larry Coyne, Laura Coyne, Katie Sizer, Lenore Dolphin, Ken Blauvelt, Regina Ferrero, Nancy Hummer, Sharon McDowell, Larry Nelson, Fern Barrick, Janna Barrick, Emily Barrick, Steve Wilbur, Bob Ferguson, Betsy Rogers, Bill Barmore, Jim Moffit, Cher Moffit
We all know they were truly needed and appreciated this year. **Remember 2003 year, - the hottest Green River Marathon and Relay ever. It was run on a record setting 90 degree day!!

Course Sweeper: Larry Nelson
Fort Dent Course Monitor: Ken Blauvelt and Steve Hamling
Return Transportation: Steve Rowe, Cher Moffit, Jim Moffit and Steve Barrick. Without return transportation this would turn into an ultra event. We are not ready for this.

Photographers: Bob Ferguson, Steven Hamling, Steve Wilber, Rob "Robcat" Keller. We are truly amazed and appreciative for these wonderful pictures.

Web Support: Steve Hamling. Responsible for our website: A lot of information and pictures. Even more to come.

Statistician: Lenore Dolphin, Steve Rowe

Results: Steve Barrick

Finisher Medals: Jim Boyd No Jim Boyd - No finisher medal. I may have to work on Jim again in the future? Tell me if 2005 medal was not one of your all time favorite medals.

Race Directors: Jim Anderson and Steve Barrick

Please submit your comments and suggestions to us. Let us know how we could improve. Remember the Green River is held the first Saturday in June every year.
* Course Relay Record 2:42:36 (United We Run Marathon 11/04/01) ** Course Solo Record 2:59:15 (Green River Marathon 06/03/06)

Last updated 6/22/2007 at 5:35AM

Green River Marathon and all volunteers are not responsible for any injuries or deaths. The Green River Marathon is a free run; the aid is free, the run is free, the shirts are sold at a loss, there are no bib numbers, there are no awards, and no one is paid. This is a low key run amongst friends. If you require special assistance or are unsure of your abilities please think twice about running 26.2 miles, unless you take necessary precautions. You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you begin any exercise program or running in any marathons. It is not our intent for anyone to get hurt while running the Green River Marathon.