GPS Starting Location: S. 259th and 74th Avenue S. Kent WA 98032 (Foster Park):

GPS Finishing Location: 2666 Alki Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98116 (Spud's Fish and Chips):

Getting to the start:

Highway 167 - Kent, WA - Take the Willis Street exit in Kent. This is the exit North of 277th and South of 84th street. Drive east to the first road on the right, which leads South. This is BEFORE the railroad crossing and next to the SHELL gas station. Drive South for about one half mile. Road will curve to left (East) and continue to a gravel parking lot next to the railroad tracks.

Driving to the aid station/relay points:

From Marathon start to mile 2.5 - Return to SHELL gas station. Turn left (West) and drive under freeway to stop light (West Valley Hwy). Continue a few miles to next light (Meeker). Turn right (East). Turn at first left (Frager road). Park in lot on right, next to footbridge. Walk over footbridge to see runners pass.

From mile 2.5 to mile 5.1 - Continue East on meeker three lights to 64th. Turn left (North) and go two lights to 228th. Turn left and go through the stop light at 58th in about a 1/2 mile, continue about another 1/4 mile and turn right (North) onto Russell Road. The road winds West and then back North. Aid station will be about 1/2 mile ahead. Aid car will be there already.

From mile 5.1 to mile 7.8 - Drive North to 212th and turn right (East). Continue to West Valley Hwy. You will pass through 4 stop lights. West Valley is also called 68th Avenue at this point. Turn left (North). Go to 190th St. and turn left (West). Continue to end. Park in lot - trail in front of you. Aid station will be right there (originally it was 1/4 mile up the trail and some years it is used).

From mile 7.8 to mile 10.4 - Return to West Valley Hwy. And turn left (North). Continue to Strander (the third stop light) and turn left (West). Cross bridge and take the first right into park.

From mile 10.4 to mile 13.1 - Return to West valley Hwy. and turn left (North). Continue about 2.5 miles. You will pass through 6 stop lights. The 6th stop light will be 56th/52nd Avenue. There will be a bus stop on the right side. Just after this intersection but before the ramp to I5 there will be a Pop Gourmet Popcorn NEW NAME sign - park in their parking lot on the right. There is a "Park and Ride" across the street. This may be a better place to park.

From mile 13.1 to mile 16.0 - Continue North on Interurban Avenue past Interstate 5. Take the on ramp on Hwy 599 North. Continue on Hwy 599 past East Marginal and Hwy 99 (Pacific Hwy) exits. The next exit will be West Marginal PL S. Immediately after exiting turn right (South). Go about .5 mile and park near the restrooms.

From mile 16.0 to mile 19.0 - Return to Hwy 599. Proceed North to stoplight. Park on far right corner. This is where the runners turn North.

From mile 19.0 to mile 21.0 - Continue North under 1st Avenue bridge. Continue Northwest to West Marginal Way. Turn right (North). Continue for about 1.5 miles. There will be a park on right. Park. There will be a boat structure art exhibit there also. Park in the parking area next to trail.

From mile 21.0 to mile 22.5 - Continue North to West Seattle overpass. Road curves left (West) Park under West Seattle Freeway and walk to trail on North side of road.

From mile 22.5 to mile 24.0 - Continue (West) to Harbor Avenue. Turn right (North) and continue for about 1.5 miles to a public restroom/park. Park in the parking lot next to trail. This is called Seacrest Park. Aid station is usually near Salty's restaurant.

From mile 24.0 to mile 26.2 - Continue on Harbor Avenue to the finish area opposite Spuds Fish And Chips. Parking is limited. Suggest looking for parking near Spuds by heading South to find street-side parking.

Last updated 04/30/2019

Green River Marathon and all volunteers are not responsible for any injuries or deaths. The Green River Marathon is a free run; the aid is free, the run is free, there are no awards, and no one is paid. This is a low key run amongst friends. If you require special assistance or are unsure of your abilities please think twice about running 26.2 miles, unless you take necessary precautions. You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you begin any exercise program or running in any marathons. It is not our intent for anyone to get hurt while running the Green River Marathon.