2020 In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon

2020 In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon



Coming soon: Pictures of the 2020 In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon taken by Keith Collingwood

Click here for pictures of the 2019 In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon taken by Dave Edgeworth

Keith captured the day for us (2020) - Thank You Keith!

Thank you - I hope you all come back to another one of my races in the near future.

Steve Barrick


Let me know if you spot any needed corrections.

November 07, 2020

Kent, WA

1 Yongen Gong FULL 3:40:43
2 Lisa Wonneberg FULL 3:47:37
3 Merita Pollard FULL 3:47:37
4 Scott Sebelsky FULL 4:03:30
5 Shauna Nokleby FULL 4:24:59
6 Hannah Davenport FULL 4:32:18
7 Angie Robertson FULL 4:45:28
8 Sandy Hubble FULL 5:10:43
9 Jill Hudson FULL 5:17:43
10 Brian Simpson FULL 5:34:17
11 Cheri Pompeo FULL 5:58:28
12 Laura Johnson FULL 6:16:16
13 Marie Zornes FULL 6:16:16
14 Nancy Patel FULL 6:16:16
15 Becci Walkling FULL 6:38:01
16 Tara Simpson FULL 6:38:01
17 Monte Pascual FULL 6:39:00

Let me know if you spot any needed corrections.

1 Elliot Kawaoka HALF 1:18:06
2 Becca Kawaoka HALF 1:26:59
3 Kent Sizer HALF 1:39:50
4 Susan Kosik HALF 1:48:13
5 Jenny Easterberg HALF 2:07:22
6 Robert Bondurant HALF 2:07:23
7 Ummesalma Amil HALF 2:09:14
8 Sue Stevens HALF 2:12:05
9 David Sherman HALF 2:14:27
10 Arshad Harooni HALF 2:20:04
11 Christy Shelton HALF 2:23:35
12 Sandy Madden HALF 2:24:16
13 Charlea Sherman HALF 2:24:17
14 Joy Kawaoka HALF 2:25:59
15 Dennis Zaborac HALF 2:36:31
16 Matt Glew HALF 2:40:00
17 Micaela Jensen HALF 2:40:19
18 Terri Gray HALF 2:40:19
19 Roger Teel HALF 2:48:43
20 Shani Frayo HALF 2:55:05
21 Elizabeth Moore HALF 2:59:57
22 Lindy Hafner HALF 2:59:57
23 Stephanie Sparkman HALF 3:10:01
24 Theresa Cautard HALF 3:17:02
25 Kendra Hensley HALF 3:20:00
26 Bonnie Gilbert HALF 3:22:03
27 Diane Armstrong HALF 3:22:03
28 Nicole Pepper HALF 3:22:03
29 Keith Hudson HALF 3:26:56
30 Susie Ro HALF 3:26:56
31 Rick Haase HALF 3:57:51
32 Anna Hicks HALF 4:08:40
33 Faith Young HALF 4:08:40


Let me know if you spot any needed corrections.

1 Alafiya Harooni QUARTER 1:04:37
2 Murtaza Amil QUARTER 1:04:37

In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon is a “Social Distancing Run”.

In other words, we want to make it very clear to our participants that it is not just business as usual. We want a run that is safe as can be, and in compliance with Washington State Mandates. We will be insisting on social distancing while the run takes place.

In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon Update (09/11/20)

"Keep It Moving" is the theme for this year's race.

No congregating at the start or finish area.

Runners will start ASAP upon arriving.

Please have your donations ready to turn in or prepaid via Zelle.

Runners are encouraged to leave shortly after they finish their race.

With everyone's cooperation, everything will turn out great.

In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon Update (09/11/20)

  1. IUWR Marathon and Half Marathon is NOT a Boston Qualifying Race for 2020.
  2. IUWR Marathon and Half Marathon course MAY be modified slightly before race day?
  3. IUWR Marathon and Half Marathon course will start at same location and run 6.55 miles south and back.
  4. The turn around will be marked.
  5. IUWR Marathon and Half Marathon is including a Half Marathon option along with the Full Marathon.
  6. IUWR Marathon and Half Marathon will start out as a Virtual Race (Available now 09/11/20).
  7. IUWR Marathon and Half Marathon will be an Actual Race on 11/07/20.
  8. I will be at the start of the race on November 7, 2020.  Just before 6:00 AM.
  9. Runners will start as soon as they arrive. Don’t start before I get there.
  10. Runners should start between 6:00 AM and 8:30 AM on 11/07/20.
  11. Race should be over at 2:00 PM on 11/07/20.
  12. My job will be check in, take donations, parking lot security, and finish line misc.
  13. I will mail the volunteers to tell them our plans and to say they are not needed.
  14. Volunteers/crews will be welcome just to tour the course if they want to.
  15. Runners are welcome to do this as a virtual race and as an actual race. Only 1 donation req.
  16. Not sure how long Virtual Race will last – Up to 11/07/20 and maybe longer?
  17. Any course can be used for the Virtual Race (not just our IUWR Marathon and Half Marathon course).
  18. Face Masks are required before and after running the race.
  19. Social Distancing must be observed at all times (6 feet separation).
  20. Your results will be posted when your $20.00 donation to Northwest Harvest is received.
  21. Please use Zelle to send your donation to: barrick@greenrivermarathon.com
  22. Cash/check will be accepted on 11/07/20. Prefer to use Zelle. Sanitary precautions  encouraged
  23. A check or cash can be sent to my home address (prefer not to use this method – last resort)
  24. YES? porta potty at the start of the race (eliminating germs). Main bathroom should? open at 6:30 AM? Don't count on it though?
  25. NO bibs used. This would make it look more like a larger gathering.
  26. NO chip timing. Hand timing and self – reporting of times.
  27. NO Aid Stations. Runners must carry their own supplies. (Eliminating germs).
  28. NO medals given out for this race (eliminating germs).
  29. Medals are where I have the most struggles at this time. Things may change?
  30. Not sure of the turnouts - so I will be donating the cost of the medals to Northwest Harvest.
  31. After getting this matched twice, this will guarantee Northwest Harvest at least $2500.00.
  32. The need for donations to Northwest Harvest is greater than it has ever been right now. Donations are urgently needed. Your donations will be matched and matched again so that a donation of $20.00 will become $80.00. Also, if racers care to donate more than the initial $20.00, it will be sincerely welcomed.
  33. More updates coming. Please be patient – things may and probably will change.

Thank you

Steve Barrick

In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon - 2020

                                              Saturday, November 07, 2020, 8:00 AM

The Marathon will be running the Half Marathon course twice.




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We said we would never forget, and years later we still remember 9/11. This year marked the 19th anniversary of 9/11 - let us honor the lives lost by supporting a local foundation, cause or organization.

Runners need to email:


First and last name, City and State, DOB, age on November 07, 2020, sex, best (Full or Half Marathon time) and predicted (Full or Half Marathon time.)

COST: $20.00

SUGGESTED DONATION PAYABLE ON Day Of Race.  Proceeds will go to Northwest Harvest or a local food bank.

ALL the donations collected will go to a charity - Food Bank or Northwest Harvest etc.

What to bring day of race:

-water bottle plus your own aid supplies.


Start and finish will be at 19970 Russell Rd, Kent, WA 98032 - Three Friends Fishing Hole.

1/2 marathon will be out and back  ~ 6.57 miles South on the Green River Trail and finish where you started. Full Marathon will continue with another out and back on the Green River Trail South  ~ 6.57 miles and finish where you started.

Google was giving some runners bad driving directions to the start in 2015 + 2016. So sorry for the runners who missed the race.

I am just going to write this: You are required to print these instructions if you are not 100% confident you know where the start is. I do not know how or why this location is not found by GPS by some - me included - depending on my location at the time?


**** FROM I-5 ****

1 - Take Exit 152 onto Orillia Rd (not onto S 188th St)

2 - Go downhill toward the Kent Valley on Orillia Rd

3 - After about a half mile, take the first available left onto S 200th St

4 - After another half mile you will cross the Green River and take an immediate right onto 58th Pl S

5 - Follow 58th Pl S a short distance into the parking lot.

**** FROM HWY 167 ****

1 - Take the S 212th St Exit (WinCo exit) and go west (not uphill) onto S 212th St.

2 - Go about 3.5 miles completely across the Kent Valley on S 212th St and further as it continues uphill as Orillia Rd S (If you reach I-5, you have gone about a half mile too far.)

3 - Take a right onto S 200th St.

4 - After about a half mile you will cross the Green River and take an immediate right onto 58th Pl S

5 - Follow 58th Pl S a short distance into the parking lot.


If you are starting early - start when ever you want - but remember, it is dark so you must carry a flashlight when starting early.

Bathrooms will open at 6:30 AM? Right now there are porta potties at the start. Will update before race day.

Course map:

Not accurate - we will run the first half twice this year for the Marathon.

Map of course. 




RACE CALENDAR (Other Races I put On)

Confirmation Lists


1 Angie Robertson
2 Becci Walkling
3 Brian Simpson
4 Cheri Pompeo
5 Don Icenogle
6 Hannah Davenport
7 Jean-Gael Reboul
8 Jill Hudson
9 Jon Gissberg
10 Keith Hudson
11 Laura Johnson
12 Marie Zornes
13 Matt Glew
14 Merita Pollard
15 Monte Pascual
16 Nancy Patel
17 Sandy Hubble
18 Scott Sebelsky
19 Susie Ro
20 Tara Simpson
21 Terri Gray
22 Yongen Gong


1 Anna Hicks
2 Becca Kawaoka
3 Bonnie Gilbert
4 Charlea Sherman
5 Christy Shelton
6 David Sherman
7 Diane Armstrong
8 Elizabeth Moore
9 Elliot Kawaoka
10 Faith Young
11 Jennifer Rozler
12 Jenny Easterberg
13 Joy Kawaoka
14 Jules Mann
15 Kendra Hensley
16 Lindy Hafner
17 Mihaela Mann
18 Murtaza Amil
19 Nicole Pepper
20 Rick Haase
21 Robert Bondurant
22 Shani Frayo
23 Sue Stevens
24 Susan Kosik
25 Ummesalma Amil

Last updated 11/07/2020

In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon and all volunteers are not responsible for any injuries or deaths. The In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon is a free run; the aid is free, the run is free and no one is paid. This is a low key run amongst friends. If you require special assistance or are unsure of your abilities please think twice about running 26.2 or 13.1 miles, unless you take necessary precautions. You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you begin any exercise program or running in any marathon or half marathons. It is not our intent for anyone to get hurt while running the In Unity We Run Marathon and Half Marathon.