GPS Starting Location: S. 259th and 74th Avenue S. Kent WA 98032 (Foster Park):

GPS Finishing Location: 2666 Alki Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98116 (Spud's Fish and Chips):

Getting to the start:

From Highway 167 take the Willis street exit in Kent. This is the exit North of 277th and South of 84th street. Head east to the first road which heads South. This is BEFORE the railroad crossing and next to the SHELL gas station. Go South for about one half mile mile. Road will curve to East and come to a gravel parking lot next to railroad tracks.

The course: The following is a description to our recommended aid stations/relay points. Note that some teams won't use these as relay points. We plan our aid station support around these stations. All runners and relay teams will meet at the start for a group picture. THE RACE STARTS AT 8:30 SHARP. THERE WILL BE AN OFFICIAL EARLY START AT 7:30 AGAIN THIS YEAR. The course will follow a bicycle path to Russell Road Park. The intersection of Meeker Road and this bike path is the first relay point option. Mile Station 2.5

Runners continue on bike path along golf course. The path will end and the runners will continue on an isolated road briefly until it rejoins the bike path. When the path runs out again the runners will be on a road heading North to relay point two. At mile 4.5 there will be an obvious Green River trail sign. Go under bridge to your left. Rejoin road by river. Head to aid station 0.6 miles ahead. River on left side. Mile station 5.1

This is an important mile mark to note since you stay on the road and do not take the longer bike path loop. Aid station volunteers will be there to help direct. Runners continue to 212th street where they run under 212th and continue on the trail. At 7.85 miles the path will split. Stay to the right on the shorter trail through this park. Again aid station volunteers will be there. Runners continue on bike path to relay point three. Mile station 7.8 (Right before the split - aid person will guide you through this).

At this point you will be at the West end of 190th street. Runners continue on path until they get to a pedestrian foot bridge. Cross the foot bridge to the West side of the river. DO NOT RUN PAST IT. Once over the bridge turn right. There are very good signs here. Just follow the River Trail signs. The other sign says that the trail ends in 1/4 mile. The path will lead you South before heading back North again. Runners continue to relay point four which is on the North side of Strander. There is a bathroom and park here. Mile station 10.4

Runners continue North on path. The bike path will bring you under Hwy 405. Look for and follow the signs painted on the ground for GRM or UWR. The path splits. Stay to right and along the river going under another over pass. The bike path splits again at the top, STAY LEFT and the path will run out onto a road. Turn right at the road. (NOTE: IF you head to signs saying Interurban trail straight and River trail Left you went too far.) Stay on the sidewalk and continue East to the entrance of Fort Dent Park. Runners take the bridge into the park. (Do not take the path heading east before the bridge.) Once over the bridge continue on the bike path, Runners continue on bike path to relay point 5. Mile station 13.1 (Sounds confusing, but will be very well marked in this area).

This aid station is in the POP Gourmet Popcorn New Name parking lot. Runners continue on bike path to I-5. Just before the entrance to I-5 the path heads to the right. Runners continue on bike path past the Boeing Credit Union. The path will end but there will be a sidewalk. The path will continue shortly and will run under West Marginal Road in another two miles. It will loop onto a bridge heading North. After crossing the bridge, turn left onto the bike path, staying along the river. This bike path will take you over a pedestrian bridge. Continue over the bridge which turns back into the bike path. The next relay point (6) is almost right away. There is a restroom. Mile station 16.0

Runners continue on path until it runs out. Continue North on "the access road" to 14th Avenue Bridge. Runners continue to the right (East) to the first stop light, Henderson Street. Turn left. Runners will go up a short steep hill and then go down hill. You will see a pedestrian bridge (DO NOT TAKE THE BRIDGE). Stay to the left and GO UNDER THE PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE on the bike path. The path will end shortly. Stay to the left. Continue on road (8th Avenue). Run straight through the next light. Follow all 'Arterial Turns' road signs. These are the main roads. Signs will say Arterial Turns, left (on Kenyon), right (on 5th), left (on Holdon), and then turn right at stoplight. This is relay point 7. Mile station 19.0 (Sounds confusing, but will be very well marked in this area).

You will be near the first Avenue Bridge at this point. Runners continue on bike path (Northwest) until the path heads North. Runners continue on path to relay point 8. Mile station 21.0

There is a park at this location. Runners continue on path until it runs out. Cross at the stop light. You will be getting close to the West Seattle Bridge. Stay left on SW Marginal Pl. which goes up a short hill (sign says Dead End), bringing you to the bike path again. The bike path splits. Stay to the right, going downwards. Runners continue heading West working their way to the North sidewalk. The trail continues on the West side of the Chelan Cafe. I usually run straight towards the Chelan Cafe. There will be an aid station nearby at mile 22.5.

Runners continue West until Harbor. Runners head North on Harbor to relay 9. Mile station 24.0

There is a bathroom here. Continue on the path, and the final leg will finish along Alki Beach. The finish is across the street from Spud's Fish and Chips.

If you need more information regarding the Green River Marathon please email the Webmaster S. Hamling or the Race Director S. Barrick

Last updated 04/30/2019

Green River Marathon and all volunteers are not responsible for any injuries or deaths. The Green River Marathon is a free run; the aid is free, the run is free, there are no awards, and no one is paid. This is a low key run amongst friends. If you require special assistance or are unsure of your abilities please think twice about running 26.2 miles, unless you take necessary precautions. You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you begin any exercise program or running in any marathons. It is not our intent for anyone to get hurt while running the Green River Marathon.